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a translation from ‘Holde Kutum Pakhi ar Laal Gubre Poka’ (BPL publication)
Translated Anondo Deepro Chowdhury, 9yr

There was a sparkle in the Autumn’s blue sky. There were also a few clouds floating in the sky. The yellow bird happily danced a jig.He thought, now my friend ladybug is going to play in the courtyard. Red ladybug’s body is colored fresh red,he has seven black spots,he has six tiny legs like all insects do,he also has two antennas and a black head. Red ladybug was playing football with his black,yellow,brown and orange ladybug friends.Red ladybug scored a goal. There was a squirrel on the topmost branch of a tree eating a nut and watching the game. When red ladybug scored a goal,the squirrel stopped eating his nut and clapped his hands. The yellow bird wanted to join the game too,so he whistled.
‘Come and play with us,yellow bird!’ said all the ladybugs together.
So, they all were playing together after that. Then, a serious accident happened!
Just as red ladybug was dribbling the ball, he fell down with a loud “Thump” and sprained his ankle.
‘Oooooh! This really hurts!’ he moaned. His friends all gathered around him and tried to comfort him.Some brought water,some brought ice and some were fanning him.
‘Why don’t I call the medic?’ Thought the yellow bird.Yellow bird looked sadly at red lady bug’s sprained ankle ‘I wish my ankle got sprained instead of his.’ Said yellow bird sadly.
The yellow bird flew to the wise old owl.( Who was also known as the medic ) The owl was sitting on the branch of an apple tree wearing half – moon spectacles and reading an advanced medical book. The yellow bird told him the story of the whole accident. So, the owl went to see red ladybug. After examining,he said, ‘his ankle will heal if you give him Circuma Longa. ( pronounced: kur-koo-ma lon-gaa) You will find it underground. You should soften it, grind it and rub it on the sprained ankle.’
After owl said that, he flapped his wings and soared into the sky and he was then out of sight. It isn’t easy for one bird to look after so many creatures! The yellow bird has never heard of Circuma before. He looked beside the river, beside the forest and on the field for Circuma. He went to a carrot garden and asked, ‘Is this Circuma?’ after picking up a carrot. Then, a rabbit poked her head out of her hole and said, ‘That isn’t Circuma, it’s my carrot!’
Then, the yellow bird went to a ginger garden. Just as he picked up a ginger, a beautiful butterfly said, ‘Hey! What are you doing with that piece of ginger!’
The yellow bird dropped the piece of ginger and flew away. Then, he went to a potato garden. Potatoes also grow underground. He pulled out a potato and said, ‘This must be Circuma, my friend’s medicine.’ Suddenly, a mouse came and said, ‘What are you doing, what are you doing! That’s a potato, not Circuma!’
The yellow bird sadly went back to the owl and said, ‘I couldn’t find Circuma anywhere. How can my friend’s ankle get healed?’
The old owl lifted his wing and pointed to a turmeric plant and said, ‘That’s Circuma.
Circuma is the scientific name given to turmeric plants.’
The yellow bird was amazed and said, ‘That looks like a simple turmeric plant.I never knew it was some sort of medicine! Well then, I’ll go and bring it!’
He softened the Circuma,grinded it to get the powder and the yellow bird and his friends rubbed the twisted ankle with it.Then the most amazing thing happened! The red ladybug stood on his legs almost instantly after they finished rubbing! Then the brown,yellow,orange and black ladybug clapped their hands and said, ‘If anyone’s ankle gets sprained,we should use Circuma!’
Thank goodness yellow bird was there! 









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