,irabotee,sounak dutta,ইরাবতী.কম,copy righted by,Two poems by Binoy Majumdar translated into English

ইংরেজি ভাষায় ভাষান্তরিত বিনয় মজুমদারের দুটি কবিতা । বুদ্ধদেব বসু

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কী উৎফুল্ল আশা নিয়ে সকালে জেগেছি সবিনয়ে



With what glad hopes I gently rose this morning.

Radiance of you, preserved like meat in cans

Had illumined the future and far horizon.

In panic i’d thought of sociable tea,

Of taking tha air, of winds on mountain heights.

Imaginary like an optical illusion

You seem to be with no address, or perhapes dead, defunct,

Or have you abandoned me like an unlawful son?

I think of life, hair won’t spout again

On the skin when the wound is healed. In sad reflections

My feeling lie at rest like at night,

As though just released from hospital.

But sometimes, unknowingly like a sleeping boy’s urine,

In wrong places, my feelings will flow.

          [ Translated by Buddhadeb Basu ],irabotee,sounak dutta,ইরাবতী.কম,copy righted by,Two poems by Binoy Majumdar translated into English







অভিজ্ঞতা থেকে ক্রমে আকাশের বর্ণহীনতার…


Starting from experience I’ve slowly known you

Like news of the colourless sky. It’s because

The air is bluish the sky seems blue by daytime

You hidden in my heart are like the waves

Annulled after the sandy beach has been traced with pictures.

So long I’d thought you too had come to the tryst_

As when transparent clouds race across the moon

We think it’s the moon and not the clouds, in motion.

Now much more I know, and yet remains the effort,

I want you simple, thus things come to bloom.

Seeing the tremors of the limbs of a tree

Have you, like birds, mistaken the tree itself

To be capable of swaying? In your breeze it sways.

          [ Translated by Buddhadeb Basu ]

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